The result of the CC match which was switched from Alders to Avington D on Sun 13 Aug. A good turn out after the venue switch. Wiggy drew the top end peg and had a lovely day catching skimmers and roach, the 14 anglers were well spread out by match sec Ade Ager and plenty of small fish were caught with skimmers making up the bigger weights. The full run down was:

Richard Wiggins 9-14-0

Tony Franklin 7-5-0

Malcolm Ward 5-8-0

The result of the final Twilight match held at Willows on Tue 18th July resulted in a series win for Dave Chandler with 28 points, followed by Mat Tarrant and Karl Godfrey on 23 points. with te few anglers fishing Karl only had to weigh in to win the series but scored no points on the day. The full run down was:

Dave Chandler 24-8-0 peg 37

Brian Cripps 20-10-0 peg 30 including a carp of 18-8-0

Jake Heaver 3-10-0 peg 42

Matt Tarrant peg 41 I Crucian of 2-9-0

The second round of the CC match was switched to the Enborne Canal because of the delicate state of our lakes. The South bank of the Enborne canal (Up) is a pleasure to fish away from walkers and bikes.  Dave Smith Drew favoured peg 14 and caught 3 large Perch and a bag of small Perch and Roach. Ade Ager drew end peg 9 on the lily pads and found 1 nice Perch with a good bag of bits, he lost a very big Perch which may have given him the win on the day. John Cox was on the other end of the match length on peg 27 and also had a good day. The result was:

Dave Smith 6-12-0

Ade Ager 4-8-0

John Cox 4-4-0

The third round of the Over 60s match took place on Avington D Wed 19th. A good even match with big fish being the decider on the day. Richard Wiggins had some nice Perch from the far bank cover and topped them up with skimmers and roach. Dave Smith had 1 nice Perch and also had small perch and skimmers. The full run down was:

Richard Wiggins 6-11-0

Dave Smith 5-6-0

Tony Franklin 4-11-0

The club championship fish off took place last Sunday 9 Jul on Enborne Canal.  The morning match on the Down stretchwas won by Brian Cripps, followed by Steve Thame.  The afternoon match on the upstream south bank was won by Richard Wiggins with Brian Cripps second.  So Brian Cripps won the fish off and the £100 prize.  He drew down in the trees in the morning and drew the end peg in the afternoon and fished a very good match.  The results were:

Morning match:                  Afternon match:

Brian Cripps 6-10-0              Richard Wiggins 3-14-0

Steve Thame 4-10-0           Brian Cripps 3-4-8

Ade Ager 4-6-0                  John Cox 3-1-0