Over 70's match 15th July 2020

The second Over 70s match of the 2020/2021 season took place on Bell Wood. Conditions were overcast, with a breeze giving a nice ripple across the lake, it looked good for a few fish. Well, a ‘few fish’ was all that was caught!

Eight members fished, three blanked. Again the Roach and Carp were conspicuous by their absence. Wondering if the increased angling pressure that all of our lakes have seen since the resumption of fishing is having an effect?

1st, Steve Myers 10lb 5oz. Two Bream, One Perch, One Bleak.

 2nd Richard Wiggins 5lb 1oz. One Bream, one Roach, one Bleak.

 3rd Keith Hallis 2lb 13oz. One Carp.

Over 60's match 1st July 2020

12 members turned out for the first Over 60s match of the 2020/2021 series on Dobsons. Conditions were variable, with occasional strong winds and heavy showers. For some reason (maybe the dark brown/green colour of the water) the fishing was hard, especially with regard to the roach. Only a handful of roach were caught. Here are the results;

1 Steve Myers 11lb 12oz. Two bream and perch.

2 Chris Evans 8lb 10oz. One carp and perch.

3 Dave Smith 3lb 2oz. Perch plus a couple of roach.

4 Alf McGary 3lb 1oz of perch.

Christmas match result 2018

The Christmas match was held last weekend, as ever a great day out for all. 16 people fished on either the Canal at Enborne, the River at Hambridge Road or Willows lake. The day started with bacon rolls in the Lamb pub on Enborne road, then the anglers made their way to their chosen swims. The anglers who fished the Lake had a mixed day. Some did not catch but Les Durnford found some carp and weighed 41-14-0. However that was not good enough, Jake Heaver had the sun in his eyes so he moved to peg 28 with sun behind him and on the water in front of him. He found the fish in front of him and with carp and a bream of over 7lb he weighed in 68-3-0 to win the hamper for the Lake. 2 anglers on the River had a much closer match. Josh Purton fished above the road bridge and caught dace, roach, chublets and grayling as well as some trout (which do not count), to weigh in 6-14-0 to just beat Dave Smith who had a similar net to weigh 6-12-0. So the spoils in the way of a superb hamper (created by our Treasurer, Alison Durnford) went to Josh. On the canal Dave Chandler went above Guyers lock to peg 10 and caught bream, roach and perch to weigh 11-6-0 and win another hamper. Having had a good days fishing all retired to the pub for a hearty meal and a prize for everyone who took part. It is just a surprise that with such good fishing (wherever you want to) a good meal and a prize for everyone, all in very good company, not more people take part and support the club. Put it in your diary now for next year!

Over 70's match 24th June 2020

The first Over 70s match of the 2020/2021 season was held on Willows. In sweltering conditions, bright sunshine and after three days of high atmospheric pressure, it was sure to be hard, and it was. Seven fished, three took an early bath, four weighed in. Steve Myers took the win with 10lb 9oz, comprising one Carp of 8lb and 2lb 9oz of Roach.

The carp was hooked with one minute of the match remaining, and his shout of ‘Fish On’ was greeted with a rather ripe riposte from Henry, who was in the lead at the time. Second place was Henry Sadler with 3lb 4oz of Roach. Third, Kim Hodges with 2lb 4oz of Roach.

Club Championship 18th November 2018

The Club Championship entourage descended on the Enborne Canal on 18 Nov to find that the canal was 18 inches down due to a leaking lock and the water was a horrible colour, there had been a mild frost the night before and the wind was out of the east. But theydidn't think it would be this hard! Les Durnford caught a big perch and a little perch and the rest caught a few "eyes".  It looks like Les is creeping up on the rails with 2 matches to go, and must be a contender for the series based on the earlier scores. Full result:

Les Durnford 2-2-0

Jake Heaver 0-12-0

Dave Chandler 0-8-0

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