Twilight Trophy 3rd July 2018

Here is the result of the opening Twilight match on Alders on 3 Jul 18.  Adam Durnford had 3 nice Tench from peg 16 and it took until 2050 with the weather cooling down for both Roger and Dave to get a reasonable bite.   Roger's was a bream and Dave's a nice tench. Not much to report with only 4 fishing to indicate the way our lakes are fishing in this hot weather.  The weigh in was:

Adam Durnford 7-10-0; 

Roger Durnford 2-15-0; 

Dave Smith 2-10-0;

and Dave Chandler 0-4-0.  

Club championship match 19th November 2017

The latest CC match was at Avington. All 14 anglers caught with the lowest weight of 1lb, and the weights closely spread meant that the results didn't follow the series form. Most bags were small roach with only the odd larger perch being caught. Plenty of bites for those that enjoy winter canal fishing. The winner drew end peg 1 and continued his recent winning ways, certainly one to watch!! With only the top six results to count the contest is now getting very interesting as the leaders start to drop points. The full run down was:

Matt Tarrant 4-4-0

Roger Durnford 4-0-0

Ade Ager 3-11-0

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Club championship match 15th October 2017

The Club Championship match took place on Speen Moors on 15 Oct. The big weirpool was the peg most people fancied and the winner drew it. 2 Chub, some nice Perch and Roach made for a good days fishing. Ade Ager was at the top of Parliament draught and was having a very good 2 hours then an Otter popped its head out of his swim! It went quiet after that! Dave Chandler was at the bottom of the green bank fishing into the bridge and again had a mixed bag for a good third place which makes him the most consistent angler so far. Matt Tarrant was in the small field on the main river and also had an otter eyeballing him!! The result was:

Dave Smith 10-5-0

Ade Ager 8-0-8

Dave Chandler 7-7-8

Brian Pallett 5-0-0

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Over 60's match 25tth October 2017

The final match of the Over 60s series was on Enborne Canal downstream, with the title still undecided. Henry Sadler had a reasonable day catching quite a few fish but a boat turned round in his swim and ripped the bottom of his net out so he did not weigh in!! Les Durnford drew the peg that won the Help for Heroes match and the other two matches since then. He caught a good net of perch and roach. Dave Smith found some skimmers and roach and perch for a very pleasant days fishing. This final match saw Steve Thame and Brian Cripps both finish at the top of the table on 53 points but Steve Thame retains the title with more match wins. The full result was:

Les Durnford 10-3-0

Dave Smith 5-1-0

Dave Keen 4-5-0

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Over 60's match 11th October 2017

The penultimate Over 60s match of this year was held at Avington on Wed 11 Oct. A warm windy day on E section of the Canal, but the fish were biting and the usual skimmers, roach and perch all played their part. With the leaders now dropping points from previous results, Brian Cripps can only score 4 more points, and Steve Thame can score 8 and either could win the series. With 6 points available Dave Smith could finish equal first but that must be an outside bet. The match result was:

Henry Sadler 4-8-0

Brian Pallett 4-6-0

Les Durnford 4-3-8

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