The next leg of the Over 60s series took place on Alders 5 Jul 17. The Bream did not want to play on another hot sunny day. Steve Thame found two from peg 10 and Dave Smith had one off peg 21, with Merv Burrows getting a smaller one from peg 17.   Henry Sadler found a Rudd! The result was:

Steve Thame 5-4-0

Dave Smith 4-5-0

Merv Burrows 2-7-0

The Twilight match on Willows on Tue 4 Jul was more hard work for those wanting to catch Carp.  The result was:

Jake Heaver 9-8-0

Karl Godfrey 6-12-0

Dave Chandler 6-0-0

The first match of the 2017 over 60's tour took place on Enborne Canal. On the hottest day of the year most of the anglers huddled under umbrellas to keep cool. The top three all found skimmers and roach with Steve Myers bagging a nice 2lb Perch. The full run down was:  

Brian Cripps 6-11-0

Steve Thame 6-8-0

Steve Myers 6-6-0

The Twilight series returns this season, the first match was on Alders last Tuesday.  On a warm wet evening the Alders fish did not play their part.   John Cox on peg 18 caught 2 Bream and a Tench and lost a good Tench late on.   Ade Ager next to him on peg 19 caught 2 Bream and Matt Tarrant on peg 23 had 1 Bream which weighed 5lb and a Rudd.   Only 2 other Bream were caught and some anglers were left empty handed. The result was:

John Cox 9-1-0

Ade Ager 5-4-0

Matt Tarrant 5-1-0

On the hottest day of the year so far Jake Heaver made a stunning return to the NAA match scene.  Fishing his first match for some years he drew peg 54 in open water which suited his style of pellet waggler fishing. He worked very hard for his exceptional weight and a deserved victory.   All the other 16 anglers fished on the bottom with either feeder, bomb or pole.   Dave Smith Drew next to the winner on peg 53 and could only find 2 Carp.   Dave Chandler on peg 47 also found 2 Carp and the other weight were made up of single fish. Both Richard Wiggins and Ade Ager fought out a Rudd battle with both catching two fish, at least they secured good CC points on a vey frustrating day. The weights were:  

Jake Heaver 71-14-0

Dave Smith 9-7-0

Dave Chandler 6-2-0