The over 70's (and over 80's) took their mid-August match to Dobsons where a field of 9 anglers tackled a very difficult water, with the fish not biting much at all. Only two managed to catch and weigh in. The points would push G Wooton and Eric Goswell to the upper middle of the points table, poised nidely for the next round. In short the result is:

G Wootton   1lb 8oz

E Goswell   6oz

The August event in the club championship was on Knotts, one of the lake matches scheduled for this year. Only Dave Chandler found any tench to give him an easy win, everyone else just catching roach. After this they go into the summer break (just like formula 1 drivers) with Brian Cripps and Malcolm Ward on 34 and 33 points vying for the lead. The result at Knotss was:

Dave Chandler 11-14-0 3 Tench peg 32;

Carl Godfrey 2-14-0;

Dave Smith 2-7-0;

The late July event in the club championship took place on the canal at Hambridge. Due to the holidays the field was quite small, but the fish were being caught. Brian Cripps won it by a good margin from second place man Richard Wiggins. The full result was:

Brian Cripps 6-8-0;

Richard Wiggins 3-9-0;

Steve Thame 2-6-0;

The late July over 60's match was on Willows, where some people were able to tempt the carp. Steve Thame was a clear winner, but second place man Pete Grayson has a surprise crucian in his 2 fish bag. The full result was:

Steve Thame 35-14-0 4 carp peg 53;

Pete Grayson 17-6-0 1 15lb carp and a Crucian peg 39;

Paul Smith 8-9-0 2 carp peg 41;

The second club championship of November took place on Speen Moors, the first of 2 in a row on this fishery. Steve Myers bagged a win with the others trailed out behind him. The river fished very well if you like chub. All the fish were chub, apart from Dave Smith's 4 minnows. Richard Wiggin's 3rd place weight was one fish. And there were 5 empty nets. The full result was:

Steve Myers 10-8-0

Dave Chandler 6-4-0

Richard Wiggins 5-8-0