Match v Shipston AC - Enborne - 16.7.22

This was a successful day, despite the heat and strong sun which was always going to make it tricky, along with the regualar boat traffic. However, everyone who participated caught and, I think, enjoyed themselves. Shipston had 9 anglers to NAA's 8 so we took off their lowest score and they ended up winning with 32-2-0 against our 27-8-0. Prize money went to the top four anglers. The winner was Peter Morgan from peg 11 with 7-10-0 of bream, skimmers, perch and roach. 2nd was Aiden Slatter with 7-5-0 from peg 6, 3rd came Bill Bowsher on peg 10 with 6-15-0 (who pulled my leg because I refused to call it 7lb but the scales never lie!!!). Joint 4th were Kim Hodges (end peg 28) and Dave Smith (peg 19) with 4-8-0. It was nice to see that skimmers were caught from nearly every peg, it's easy to see why everyone likes that section of canal not only because we are away from the public. 

Weights were generally lower than 'normal' largely because in the very hot conditions, the perch were reluctant to leave the shelter of the reeds. At least one tench was caught, and one estimated at 5 to 6lbs lost from swim 18. Pole was the exclusive tactic, against the far bank vegetation where the peg allowed it.

The return fixture will take place on the lovely river Stour on Sunday 18 September 2022, with an 0830 draw, fishing from 10:00 until 15:00. It's a flood river, similar in size to our river Kennet at Speen Moors and is well worth a visit.

This is open to ALL members and we'd like as many participants as possible. We'd like to put a large team forward, so please call Match Secretary Henry Sadler on 01635 46984 if you'd like to give it a go.