Blue dot padlock at Knott's Lake

Please be aware that a blue dot padlock (same as for Colthrop and Aldermaston) has been installed on the gate between Knott's and the canal. This has been done because members of the public have been using it as a short cut across NAA private property. They can only do this because they have learnt the code for the combination lock, and considering it is so soon since the codes were changed this is a worry for all our waters.

May we remind all members to not share the code with non-members, because the public will pass it on without thinking about security of club members or fish stock.

If you wish to use the gate you will need to get a key from Thatcham Angling for the returnable deposit of £15.

Fishery key change

This year the blue dot keys as used for Aldermaston and Colthrop are being changed, to ensure that only members have continued access. If you have a key please bring it for exchange when you get your membership. If you have lost your key you can obtain another one but it will cost you another deposit.