New swim maps for Bellwood, Collins and Knotts

Thanks to Head Bailiff, Rob Allen, for creating swim maps for these three lakes.

These have been devised to assist members with identifying swim boundary limits, no fishing zones, out of bounds areas, location of disabled pegs etc, defining the swims to increase anglers understanding of where they may fish and where they may not, from any given swim. 

They will also assist bailiffs with peg numbers when checking permits, .

Full-size PSF versions of each map are available in the Fisheries section of this website and will soon be put up in new noticeboards in the Bellwood and Knotts car parks.

All members are expected to follow the guidance within them.


Willows - Winter Fishing

Following last year's experiment, members with two-rod (Specimen) permits may fish two rods at Willows between 1st November 2022 and 28th February 2023. This is to encourage more anglers in winter months where their presence may help keep cormorant activity down on this shallow lake. Note: this rule may be withdrawn at short notice during periods of flooding on other lakes which may concentrate activity at Willows. Please check permissions on the website/Facebook/noticeboard at these times before setting up a second rod.
- A reminder that no pre-baiting is allowed on any water between November and March inclusively.