Swim repairs - completed September 2022

Fishery Manager, David Prictor has completed 5 weeks of swim repairs in many of our lakes. This  involved digging out the existing swims identified as requiring attention and replacing with chestnut stakes and a timber fame, each lined with Geomatting prior to back filling with approx ½ ton of chalk per swim. 

Lakes and  number of swims  replaced:

Knotts- 17

Collins- 13

Dobsons- 25

Dixons- 11

While completing the repairs, the digger was used to pull a number of fallen trees from the water (Dixons for example is now like a new lake!)


 The chalk will take time to settle, and a groundsheet is advised in wet conditions. Once settled, the repaired swims may be given a cap of soil, depending on how they have settled.





Changes to Guest Tickets

Due to the significant increase in membership over the last two years and the pressure this is putting on some venues we have made the following changes to the purchase of Guest Tickets from 16th June 2022.

• Guest Tickets can only be purchased by Full members of the Association. (Regrettably Associate members can no longer purchase Guest Tickets).

• No member will be able to purchase more than one Guest Ticket for any one day.

Guest tickets can be purchased within these restrictions at Thatcham Angling Centre and Tadley Angling. Please refer to the Membership page for costs.

NAA Committee
May 2022


Night Time Access to Rawlings Retreat and Widmead

To increase security in the area out of hours BBOWT have erected a gate in Muddy Lane, just off Lower Way before the entrance to the main Discovery Centre car park. They lock the gate each evening and re-open it each morning. The gate has been fitted with one of the NAA keyed locks which all members have a key to allow us 24-hour access. When you access the area if the gate is open please leave it open and if locked please lock the gate behind you. This has the benefit of giving our anglers night fishing extra security. This is how the mechanism looks when locked.



Memberships now available

Memberships for the new season are available in all categories, and the club has made the joining process much simpler. The membership form can be downloaded under the membership tab on this website, or go directly to it here. There are 2 ways to get your membership:

  1. Send the completed form with 2 photos and payment cheque to the membership secretary who will post the permit out to you, usually within 7 days.
  2. Take the completed form with 2 photos and payment cheque or cash to Thatcham Angling Centre, 156 Sagecroft Road. Thatcham. RG18 3BQ and get your permit straight away.

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