EGM - Chairman's thanks and statement

I would like to thank everyone who attended the EGM on Wednesday and apologise to some of you at the back of the room who were struggling to hear at times.

The meeting brought up a lot of good points and ideas which we shall be considering over the coming months.

I am also proposing to set up a small group of interested parties to discuss in more detail points and ideas which were raised.

The most important outcome of the meeting for me was everyone's desire to improve our fisheries for all our members on all our waters.

I was pleased that this was the focus of the meeting and it is obvious from the turn out you are all passionate about the waters we have.

I am sure working together we can improve our fisheries further for the benefit of all members. 


David Marshall


We're changing the locks

During the period this year where new permits are issued, we are changing the locks on our fisheries. This is something planned for every few years to make sure that only our members have access to the waters. This means that temporary arrangements are in place during the changeover especially for members who return their key early. If you find that your old key doesn't fit, there are also combination locks in place using the number printed on your permit. Please don't force the key because it might just break in the lock.

When you come in for your new permit, please bring the old key for a swap, or if you can't find it, bring the appropriate fee to buy a replacement.

Willows 1 day closure

On Saturday 18th March please be aware that Willows will be closed for fishery management activities to take place. During this the committee will be implementing work previously published in the management plan. Members are welcome to be present (of course bring your ID and permit) but it may be necessary to establish a safe working area for the team and contractor.

Rawlings Retreat update

Its time to communicate an update about Rawlings Retreat, because things have been changing. Firstly Warwicks water is open as a crucian only fishery. Please go and give it a try with your light tackle and see if you can catch the shy species. Please let us know what you catch. There are fish refuges in each corner about a pole length out, and the lilies provide good cover too. The tapes are there to deter cromorants but you won't need to cast far.

Also Alders is fishing well since the additional bream and the weeds have been reduced by the blue dye. People are catching tench, bream, and sometimes a chub. Its also got lots of perch. Now that the rafts and chicken wire is gone you can cast right into the middle shallows too. One again please let us know how you get on.