The second round of the CC match was switched to the Enborne Canal because of the delicate state of our lakes. The South bank of the Enborne canal (Up) is a pleasure to fish away from walkers and bikes.  Dave Smith Drew favoured peg 14 and caught 3 large Perch and a bag of small Perch and Roach. Ade Ager drew end peg 9 on the lily pads and found 1 nice Perch with a good bag of bits, he lost a very big Perch which may have given him the win on the day. John Cox was on the other end of the match length on peg 27 and also had a good day. The result was:

Dave Smith 6-12-0

Ade Ager 4-8-0

John Cox 4-4-0

Henry Sadler 3-14-0

Dave Chandler 3-11-8

Richard Wiggins 3-8-0

Brian Cripps 3-0-0

Brian Pallett 2-13-0

Jake Heaver 2-4-0

Roger Quinlan 1-6-0

Roger Durnford 1-5-0

Les Durnford, Karl Godfrey and Malcolm Ward all 1-1-0

Keith Hollis DNW