Club championship match 16th July 2017

The second round of the CC match was switched to the Enborne Canal because of the delicate state of our lakes. The South bank of the Enborne canal (Up) is a pleasure to fish away from walkers and bikes.  Dave Smith Drew favoured peg 14 and caught 3 large Perch and a bag of small Perch and Roach. Ade Ager drew end peg 9 on the lily pads and found 1 nice Perch with a good bag of bits, he lost a very big Perch which may have given him the win on the day. John Cox was on the other end of the match length on peg 27 and also had a good day. The result was:

Dave Smith 6-12-0

Ade Ager 4-8-0

John Cox 4-4-0

Henry Sadler 3-14-0

Dave Chandler 3-11-8

Richard Wiggins 3-8-0

Brian Cripps 3-0-0

Brian Pallett 2-13-0

Jake Heaver 2-4-0

Roger Quinlan 1-6-0

Roger Durnford 1-5-0

Les Durnford, Karl Godfrey and Malcolm Ward all 1-1-0

Keith Hollis DNW