CC Fish-off 9th July 2017

The club championship fish off took place last Sunday 9 Jul on Enborne Canal.  The morning match on the Down stretchwas won by Brian Cripps, followed by Steve Thame.  The afternoon match on the upstream south bank was won by Richard Wiggins with Brian Cripps second.  So Brian Cripps won the fish off and the £100 prize.  He drew down in the trees in the morning and drew the end peg in the afternoon and fished a very good match.  The results were:

Morning match:                  Afternon match:

Brian Cripps 6-10-0              Richard Wiggins 3-14-0

Steve Thame 4-10-0           Brian Cripps 3-4-8

Ade Ager 4-6-0                  John Cox 3-1-0

Dave Chandler 2-10-0          Ade Ager 2-4-8

Dave Smith 1-13-0              Malcolm Ward 2-3-0

Richard Wiggins 1-10-0        Steve Thame 1-9-0

Roger Durnford 1-8-0          Henry Sadler 1-9-0

Henry Sadler 1-2-0              Dave Chandler 1-8-0

John Cox 0-11-8                 Karl Godfrey 1-2-0

Karl Godfrey 0-8-0               Roger Durnford 0-14-0

Malcolm Ward DNW.            Dave Smith 0-7-0.