Match Summaries 2023/24

10th April 2024 -  Over 60's match - Avington   H Sadler 3-10-0, D Smith 1-9-0, W Bowsher 1-8-0.   T Wirth and M Burrows DNW.    Wet, Windy and Crap, no wonder nobody bothered to support the match!!   It confirms Dave smith as the Over 60's Champ for the season. 

 20th March 2024 - Over 60's match - Marshall's (previously Willows) M Burrows 25-12-0, S Pallett 23-13-0, T Wirth, 18-12-0, A Symes 18-6-0, B Pallett 11-9-0, D Smith 9-2-0, W Bowsher 8-12-0, H Sadler 5-14-0.   R Wiggins DNW.   Merv sat on peg 30 and had a Bream and 2lb of Roach on the Pole and then caught 2 big Carp on the feeder.   Steve P Carp, Tench and Bream mainly on the waggler on peg 39.  current leader a 2oz Roach and 1 Carp which came out of nowhere!!.   Just one match left at Avington.

14th February 2024 - Over 60's match -  Enborne Canal.    W Bowsher 0-3-8, D Smith 0-2-4 and H Sadler 0-1-4.   Just as finish was called all out Henry lost a Perch which would have won easily.  Almost all fish were gudgeon caught  close to the near bank and not many of them either!!   A very bad day.

15th November 2023 -  Over 60's match - Enborne Canal   A Shires match had been held a few days earlier on Enborne (Up) but the EA had cut the stick ups back on the far bank to allow the boats more room!   It was a disaster.   Of the 20 anglers 2-2-0 was the top weight.  So when it came to the Over 60's it was agreed that we should fish from the pallets on DS Alley!  Even that was quite hard.  W Bowsher 8-0-0, H Sadler 2-8-0, M Burrows 2-2-0, D Smith 1-14-0, L Durnford 0-11-0.

1st November 23 - Over 60's - Avington  Result of the Over 60's match on a wet and windy Avington.   W Bowsher 6-12-0, D Smith 5-10-0, H Sadler 3-14-0, L Durnford 3-4-0, R Wiggins 1-15-0.   Lots of fish to be caught, they didn't mind the weather!!

18th October 23 - Over 60's -  Willows.   R Wiggins 19-8-0, W Bowsher 18-14-0, D Smith 12-8-0, T Wirth 11-14-0, M Burrows 7-14-0, H Sadler 5-6-0, L Durnford 3-10-0, B Pallett and K Rolfe DNW.   Bill Bowsher had 3 Carp, Dave Smith 2. Wiggy had a Tench, a Crucian and one Carp that weighed 12-9-0.

10th October 2023 - Over 70's -  Bellwood 

 B Pallett 7-6-0, W Bowsher 4-14-8, M Burrows 4-10-0, D Smith 3-4-0, H Sadler 2-2-0, R Wiggins 2-1-0, S Myers 1-10-0, T Wirth 1-3-0, A McGarry 0-8-0.   R Spiers DNW.   No big fish caught on Bellwood just Roach and Perch (small perch at that!!)

8th October 8th 2023  - Memorial Match – Willows.

There were two trophies up for grabs, the Keith Scrivener and Norman Unwin trophies for 1st and 2nd.   Wilf Squires won with 34-7-0, Keith was 2nd with 26-14-0, Alan Symes had 25-4-0,Steve Myers 16-14-0, Brian Pallett had 14-5-0, and Roy Speirs had 11-14-0. The rest chose not to weigh in.

Thank you to Keith Hallis for the following report: It was a sunny day with gentle SW winds with a high of 25 centigrade. The first three were pegged on the Thatcham nature discovery side as the sun reaches this side first and warms the water quicker, so it’s not surprising this side did better. The venue at Willows at this time of year is always a good one as the fish are building up their reserves for winter. In recent years, Richard Faithful, Jason Heaver and Will Squires have all won this Memorial match with extraordinary high weights.On the day I drew peg 52  - my favourite peg which I fish regularly . Will drew a few swims down to my right next to an overhanging tree which prevented him from getting a decent cast to the island but he still managed to win the match - well done! My set up included a hair rigged 12mm crab pellet wrapped in ground bait on a 25g method feeder.

4th October 2023 - Over 60's match -  Avington 

 W Bowsher 10-1-0, L Durnford 7-4-0, B Pallett 6-4-0, M Burrows 5-6-0, S Thame 5-2-0, R Wiggins 3-12-0, T Wirth 2-7-0, H Sadler 2-2-0.   A McGarry DNW.  

20th September 2023 - Over 70's - Alders

Result of the over 70's match in the pouring rain on Alders 20 Sep.   W Bowsher 20-12-0, H Sadler 6-8-0, B Pallett 5-12-0, R Wiggins 3-13-0, A McGarry 0-5-0, T Wirth 0-4-0.

13th September 2023 - Over 60's - Enborne

 D Smith 4-13-0, R Wiggins 3-9-0, H Matysek 3-9-0, B Pallett 3-4-0, K Hodges 2-9-0, W Bowsher 1-14-0, T Wirth 1-5-0, S Pallett 0-12-8.   A McGarry DNW.   Dave found 4 nice Perch when the canal fished quite hard. 

30th August 2023  - Over 60's -  Dobsons 

D Smith 17-6-0, K Rolfe 12-12-0, M Burrows 12-4-0, R Wiggins 6-5-0, B Pallett 4-3-0, H Sadler 4-0-0, S Myers 3-8-0, K Hodges 2-13-0, W Squires 1-12-0, L Durnford 1-3-0, W Bowsher 0-13-0, A McGarry 0-11-0, S Pallett 0-3-0.   Henry Matysek and P Beard DNW.   Dave won it with one Carp and five Bream/skimmers with some silvers the other top four had Bream and silvers.

20th August 2023 - Silver Fish Only - Willows

Steve Myers 8-8-0, Richard Faithfull 6-14-0, Les Durnford 5-14-0, Dave Smith 4-12-0, Henry Sadler 3-11-0, Brian Pallett 3-10-0, Alan Symes 3-6-0, Tony Franklin 2-6-0, Richard Wiggins 2-3-0, Steve Thame 1-0-0.   There were 14 fishing including 2 new members which was good to see.  The first two both caught a Bream and bits, the rest just caught bits. 

16th August 2023 - Over 60's - Willows

W Squires 26-15-0, S Myers 24-12-0, K Rolfe 16-11-0, T Wirth 8-6-0, D Smith 5-4-0, H Sadler 5-3-0, S Thame 4-13-0, W Bowsher 4-6-0, A McGarry 1-5-0, Henry M 0-13-0, K Hodges 0-5-0.    B Pallett L Durnford and R Wiggins DNW.   The winner had 4 Carp, Steve M had 2 Carp, Ken R had 3 Carp.   Henry M is a new angler and he said his surname was too hard to spell!

2nd August 2023 - Over 70's - Dobsons 

 T Wirth 15-0-0, S Thame 6-1-0, S Myers 5-7-0, D Smith 2-4-0, H Sadler 1-8-0, W Bowsher 1-4-0, R Wiggins 0-15-0, K Hallis 0-10-0.   A very wet and windy match but the top 3 all caught Bream, with Tim having 4.  Steve T had 1 and a Tench, Steve M had 2. The rest had Perch and Roach.

27th July 2023 - Over 60's - Bellwood

T Wirth 13-0-0, S Myers 9-8-0, B Pallett 7-8-0, D Smith 4-4-0, H Sadler 2-4-0, W Bowsher 2-1-0, S Thame 1-7-0, R Wiggins 0-15-0, K Hodges 0-11-0, A McGarry 0-8-0, D Anderson and K Rolfe DNW.   The top 3 all had Bream, Tim Wirth had 2.   Dave Smith had 110 little Roach and Perch!. 

19th July 2023 - Over 70's - Willows

Result -  M Burrows 15-4-0, K Hallis 14-8-0, W Bowsher 12-14-0, R Spiers 10-2-0, B Pallett 4-12-0, R Wiggins 2-12-0, T Wirth 1-10-0, A McGarry 1-3-0, H Sadler 0-8-0, S Thame 0-7-0, K Hodges 0-4-0.   D Smith K Rolfe and W Dixon DNW

5th July 2023 - Over 70's - Bellwood

Result -  Steve Thame 6-6-0 (1 6lb Bream and a few bits!), Steve Myers 3-9-0, Bill Bowsher 2-1-0, Keith Hallis 2-0-0, Richard Wiggins 1-5-0, Merv Burrows 1-2-0, Dave Smith 1-0-0, Kim Hodges 0-9-0, Henry Sadler 0-8-0, Tim Wirth 0-3-8, Ken Rolfe DNW.     

28th Jun 2023 - Over 60's - Alders

Result:   Dave Smith 25-2-0, Richard Wiggins 5-2-0, Henry Sadler 2-1-0,  Mervyn Burrows 1-15-0, Kim Hodges 1-9-0, Bill Bowsher 1-3-0, Tim Wirth  0-3-0.   Keith Rolfe DNW.   Wiggy found a Bream from peg 22 and all the other weights were small fish except Dave Smith, who caught 7 Bream and a Tench from peg 21.