Club Championship match 23rd October 2016

The club championship circus descended on Speen Moors for the latest round and the second match of October. This time the fish were hard to catch and the weights were mostly under a pound. The big surprise was that Clarke Ayling rocked up for his first match for a long time and bagged a single large bream on the waggler to grab the win. With the rest of the field still reeling in shock, Dave Chandler with a few minnows for 1 dram, held on to his overall lead but reduced as others gained on him. The full result was:

Clark Ayling 4-6-0 1 Bream

Brian Cripps 0-7-0

Dave Smith 0-4-0

Brian Pallett 0-3-0

John Cox 0-1-0

Richard Wiggins 0-0-8

Dave Chandler 0-0-1

Henry Sadler, Steve Myers, Karl Godfrey and Roger Durnford DNW