Important - Fishery access is changing

This message is important if you intend to fish promptly in the new season. Please pass it on to others who may not see it here, or who didn't pick it up from the AGM notice.

The club is soon going to replace the combination locks with keyed padlocks on our fisheries and the changeover will begin on the 13th June for the following few days. After a fishery is changed, you will need the key to access the fishery. This is important if you are fishing  and especially if doing a several day stint over June 13th because you might get in using the code, but could need a key to get out. If you hold a key for Aldermaston already, this will be replaced when you collect your permit.

The club is doing this to address several problems such as continuing lock damage, and the public learning our code.

The club advise that you collect your permit and new key before 13th June if you wish to start the season promptly. The outlets have been instructed to not issue a permit without a key, so bring the extra £5 for the key deposit when you go to collect your permit.