Over 60's match 7th October 2020

The 6th Over 60s Match of 2020/2021 was held on Dobsons on the 7th of October.

16 anglers turned out on a bright breezy day, and expectations of a good day were high as fish were seen topping all along the lake. Hopes were soon dashed though, as it quickly became apparent that its residents were not going to surrender easily!

Wilf (Corner peg) Squires snaffled an early Carp, Steve (Northern Git) Myers had a 4lb Tench on the two hour mark and the rest struggled for the odd bite.

And then? well not much really, except Alf McGarry lost two carp, Wilf snared another carp and Northern Git never had another bite after the Tench.

All caught fish, but three didn’t bother to weigh in. The top three were:

1st    Wilf (Corner Peg) Squires              15lb 10oz  (Two Carp)

2nd    Steve (Northern Git) Myers          4lb 11oz (One Tench plus roach and perch.   

3rd    Dave (Wing Commander) Smith    2lb 8oz. (Perch and Roach.