Club championship match 15th October 2017

The Club Championship match took place on Speen Moors on 15 Oct. The big weirpool was the peg most people fancied and the winner drew it. 2 Chub, some nice Perch and Roach made for a good days fishing. Ade Ager was at the top of Parliament draught and was having a very good 2 hours then an Otter popped its head out of his swim! It went quiet after that! Dave Chandler was at the bottom of the green bank fishing into the bridge and again had a mixed bag for a good third place which makes him the most consistent angler so far. Matt Tarrant was in the small field on the main river and also had an otter eyeballing him!! The result was:

Dave Smith 10-5-0

Ade Ager 8-0-8

Dave Chandler 7-7-8

Brian Pallett 5-0-0

Adam Durnford 3-11-0

Richard Wiggins 3-10-0

Roger Durnford 3-6-0

Les Durnford 3-0-0

Matt Tarrant 2-8-0

Malcolm Ward 2-1-0

John Cox 1-7-0

Keith Hallis 0-8-0

Steve Myers DNW.