The club has many miles of waterway on the Kennet and Avon Navigation. Some of this is effectively still water and some of it is flowing water. Because of this the variety of fishing is very wide, and the almost all coarse species are present in our waterways.

There is Avington in the west, which is still water with good access to the waterside.

Nearer to town there is more still water in the Enborne stretch, which continues as flowing water into the edge of Newbury itself.

Downstream of Newbury we have the Town stretch, which is still water.

Further east there is Hambridge which is still water to Ham Lock, then flowing water towards Widmead, with a final stretch of still water to Widmead Lock

Whichever stretch appeals to you, there will be plenty of choice for the whole year. Check the menus here for more details on each section.