Specimens and Club Records

Every year at the prizegiving and AGM, there is a trophy for the best specimen fish which is reported to the committee. If you catch a specimen, of any species, you can submit it for consideration. Surprisingly few of these are received each year, perhaps anglers like to keep their best catches secret! To help encourage you there is a link to the specimen form in the menu, left.

Please help us to discover our specimens by reporting them. Keep a specimen form in your wallet with your permit just in case. You can download one from the menu link.

Here is a table with a guide to club specimens and the current records. We know these aren't always the biggest fish in our waters, but they are the ones which were reported!

Club  Specimens and Records
Species NAA specimen weight NAA record Record Holder Year
Carp 25lb 41lb 8oz Not known Not known
Crucian Carp 3lb 3lb 8oz    
Roach 1lb 12oz 3lb    
Rudd 2lb Not claimed    
Dace 10oz Not claimed    
Barbel 10lb 18lb 12oz    
Pike 20lb Not claimed    
Perch 2lb 4lb 13oz    
Chub 5lb 6lb 15oz    
Tench 7lb 10lb 2 oz    
Bream 7lb 12lb