Willows Lake


Willows is the largest of the three lakes in the Rawlings Retreat complex. It has 35 pegs - of which 3 are wheelchair platforms - on its 2.5 acres, and is approximately triangular in shape. It is a shallow lake, mostly under 2m (6 feet) in depth. The stock is mostly carp and roach, and a few hard to find large crucians. Many of the carp are now growing to double figures, making it a popular venue. Some of the larger carp were re-located and replaced with small stock, and the fishing is excellent.

The water was dredged about 15 years ago to increase depth, creating what became known as "Ayling Island" in honour of the club chairman at the time. Because of the high density of carp stock, the water is almost completely weed free but quite turbid. There is usually some growth of "cabbages" and lilies in summer on the west bank. It responds well to method feeder and pop-up boilies for the carp. If you want to waggler fish for the carp you will have success but on the lighter tackle you may lose fish.

It is used regularly in the match calendar, so please check your permit before visiting the water.