Dobson's Choice

Dobsons is a large lake on the Widmead complex named after John Dobson who was the club chairman at the time Widmead was turned into fisheries. It is a water which offers a wide range of different swims on the 50 pegs around its 6 acres of water. The western end is quite narrow and shallow, but as you move away from the car park the water gets deeper and wider, with depths of over 4m (12 feet) near the east bank. The lake has a smooth bed and the main feature is the island. The water is usually turbid in the summer and is generally weed free.

In recent years it has been stocked with large bream and some tench, which can produce large bags if you happen to drop on the shoal when it is feeding. There are also some carp and other species present to enable mixed bags to be caught.

There is a large car park which serves all the Widmead lakes at the western end of the lake, and there is some other parking in Muddy Lane if you wish to approach over the railway foot crossing. There is no toilet provided because the site is a SSSI.