Alders Lake

Alders lake is part of the Rawlings Retreat complex, and it is the youngest lake of the three. It is approximately 1.2 acres and has 25 pegs, three of which are wheelchair platforms. It is stocked with roach, rudd, perch, tench, crucian carp, chub and bream. Because it is almost carp free the water can become very weedy in the summer, but if you want to try old-fashioned raking to clear the weed you will be rewarded.

The lake suffered a catastrophic failure of water quality on 2006 and the opportunity was taken to rebuild it. As a result the water was drained, the bed re-profiled and stocked from scratch. There is a shallow bar in the centre which is gradually becoming an enormous lily pad to provide cover and refuge. The pegs deliberately have shallow water in the margins to improve safety for youngsters. The depth is a consistent 2m (6 feet) most of the way around. The ropes on the lake are intended to deter cormorants.