Newbury AA has 9 lakes all of different character, offering plenty of choice. From small to large, shallow or deep, easy or difficult, there is something for everybody. Most have some provision for wheelchair users, and some have toilets provided for some or all of the year. All the lakes are permanently pegged, and the paths and fishing positions will be mown and cleared each spring.

The Widmead complex is the oldest set of lakes having been created from gravel pits in the 1970's, there are four lakes in this group mostly large and deep.

Rawling's Retreat is the three lakes near the Nature Discovery Centre. The name was given in memory of Mr Rawling who left his house to the club in his will, the funds raised being used to restore Alders lake in this complex.

The other lakes are Bellwood and Pallett's Pool, which although not really a complex, they are linked by a track and are easily walked between.

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