This is a message to all members who were bailiffs last year, and to anybody who would like to become a bailiff for the NAA. Please would you make contact with the new Head Bailiffs, Ben Freemantle 07530607475 & Chris Fox 07871711036 , so that they can invite you to the bailiffs briefing for the new season.


It has been the committee's intention to re-open Bellwood on the first day of the season, June 16th but with regret this is going to have to be postponed for a few weeks. The water has been monitored twice daily for a number of weeks and although the oxygen levels are satisfactory and the fish are comfortable, there is still a daily occurrence of blue-green algae in the mornings.

Although measures have been taken to combat it, the weather conditions and high nutrient levels in the water seem to still produce the algae, which carries a health hazard as it is toxic to humans.

We will continue to monitor, and work with the EA, and will open the lake as soon as it is safe to do so.

I would like to thank everyone who attended the EGM on Wednesday and apologise to some of you at the back of the room who were struggling to hear at times.

The meeting brought up a lot of good points and ideas which we shall be considering over the coming months.

I am also proposing to set up a small group of interested parties to discuss in more detail points and ideas which were raised.

The most important outcome of the meeting for me was everyone's desire to improve our fisheries for all our members on all our waters.

I was pleased that this was the focus of the meeting and it is obvious from the turn out you are all passionate about the waters we have.

I am sure working together we can improve our fisheries further for the benefit of all members. 


David Marshall


As this is of great interest to us in the angling community, here is a document explaining the response of the Government to the recent otter petition. Please click "Government response"

As many of you will know, Bellwood fell victim to a serious algal bloom collapse, with a subsequent de-oxygenation and serious loss of fish. As a result the water is closed. Although it has recovered it will remain closed for the foreseeable future and almost certainly to the end of the year. This is sad news for the club, but the committee and many members are working hard to restore it to a quality fishery, and this will take some time.

Here is a link to a document which is the action plan decided by the committee this week. Please read it it, and bear with us while the actions are undertaken. Any questions can be directed to the "Contact us" links, or to the forum.