Forum users - club policy enforced

When the new forum was launched, the requirement to update your profile with your membership number and name as on your permit was stated on this website. This is a club policy because the forum is for members only, and those details enable bona fide members to be verified. Over the last few days the policy has been enforced and all accounts without those details have been disabled.

If you are a user of the forum all you need to do is to email the admin on the enquiries page, select the webmaster and state you want your account enabled. Make sure you include the forum username, your name (as on  your permit) and your membership number. It will then be restored in a couple of days.

Thank you for your support in sharing club information with only our members.

Water Quality Reporting

There is a new page on the website where the club is sharing water quality meaurements for all the lakes. Since 2012 the club is keeping measurements of water quality to monitor the trends in our fisheries, and the most recent records are shared in this section. It will help us to understand what is normal and what is unusual in the water conditions, should there be cause for concern.

This was begun following the low oxygen levels we experienced last year, and the EA didn't have any historic data to help us understand whether the issue was new or seasonal. By having our own records we can build up a picture of how our lakes change in the seasons, and how to respond to those changes. You can find them at

Blue dot padlock at Knott's Lake

Please be aware that a blue dot padlock (same as for Colthrop and Aldermaston) has been installed on the gate between Knott's and the canal. This has been done because members of the public have been using it as a short cut across NAA private property. They can only do this because they have learnt the code for the combination lock, and considering it is so soon since the codes were changed this is a worry for all our waters.

May we remind all members to not share the code with non-members, because the public will pass it on without thinking about security of club members or fish stock.

If you wish to use the gate you will need to get a key from Thatcham Angling for the returnable deposit of £15.

Civil Service exchange permits

For a number of years now Newbury AA have operated an exchange scheme with Civil Service AS where 5 permits are available for exchange to use nearly all Civil Service fisheries. As of this week we have moved two of them to Experience fishing in Newbury. Three permits remain with Thatcham Angling.

It operates on the basis that you hand in your permit and borrow the CSAS on for the day. The tackle shops will be able to explain the procedure if you wish to take it up.

Fishery key change

This year the blue dot keys as used for Aldermaston and Colthrop are being changed, to ensure that only members have continued access. If you have a key please bring it for exchange when you get your membership. If you have lost your key you can obtain another one but it will cost you another deposit.