FINS 2016 published online

The 2016 copy of FINS has now been put onlie for you to read while out and about. You can find it on this site at "NAA Interactive > FINS magazine" or just click on the link here. Enjoy it while you are out fishing on those quiet evenings.

Sad news about Bob Warwick

It is with great sadness that we have to pass on the sad news that Bob Warwick has recently passed away. Bob was a great ambassador for NAA and had been a committee member, Officer and Trustee for many years and was well known by many members. He was a very active committee member and worked tirelessly for NAA even when battling illness and will have the legacy of the crucian project on the water that bears his name. He will be sadly missed by us all and our thoughts are with his wife June and his family at this sad time.

FINS goes digital!

The club has decided that FINS should be published on line as well as when you collect your permit. You can find it under "NAA Interactive > FINS magazine" or just click on the link here. Enjoy it while you are out fishing on those quiet evenings.

Fishery key access update

Since the club introduced the new padlock and key access to the fisheries it has been widely welcomed as a positive step forward in protecting our waters from unauthorised access and safeguarding our fish. We wish to appeal to all members to make sure they lock up properly when arriving and leaving. The locks were designed to retain the key while unlocked for a good reason - to make sure it is locked to get the key out.

However there have been instances of the padlock being locked but not to the gate, leaving free access to the fishery. As a member these are your waters, paid for by your club, with your membership fee. Everyone has an interest to make sure they are locked so please check carefully when you take your key out of the lock, that the gate cannot be opened. The club will lock gates if found open.

Important - Fishery access is changing

This message is important if you intend to fish promptly in the new season. Please pass it on to others who may not see it here, or who didn't pick it up from the AGM notice.

The club is soon going to replace the combination locks with keyed padlocks on our fisheries and the changeover will begin on the 13th June for the following few days. After a fishery is changed, you will need the key to access the fishery. This is important if you are fishing  and especially if doing a several day stint over June 13th because you might get in using the code, but could need a key to get out. If you hold a key for Aldermaston already, this will be replaced when you collect your permit.

The club is doing this to address several problems such as continuing lock damage, and the public learning our code.

The club advise that you collect your permit and new key before 13th June if you wish to start the season promptly. The outlets have been instructed to not issue a permit without a key, so bring the extra £5 for the key deposit when you go to collect your permit.