Unfortunately, due to circumstances outside our control the fishery at Speen Moors is closed until further notice.

Due to health & safety concerns regarding the bridge, pathway and trees the estate need to carry out urgent repairs to these areas. As these issues have been deemed a health & safety issue, they cannot allow access down the footpath until the repairs are completed.

Originally the work, which should take approx. 4 weeks to complete, was due to take place in August. However, the estate was subsequently advised that permits would be required from the EA & NE for the required work and this has delayed the start date.

We have been advised subject to permit approval that the work will take place this Autumn but if the permits are delayed or the weather causes problems it could at worse case be delayed to next spring.

We were not aware of this work prior to the fishing season starting and this was only advised to us in late August. Although we will negotiate a reduction in the rent, we realise the loss of this fishery will be a disappointment to some members.

We will advise as soon as work is completed or if further delays are expected and apologise that this fishery is not available to members until further notice.


NAA Committee (September 2019)