Due to circumstances outside the club's control the fishery at Speen Moors has been closed since September.

Due to health & safety concerns regarding the bridge, pathway and trees the estate needed to carry out urgent repairs to these areas. As these issues were deemed a health & safety issue, they could not allow access down the footpath until the repairs were completed.

The club can now announce that the fishery and path is open again

Originally the work, which should have taken approx. 4 weeks to complete, in August was delayed while the estate required permits from the EA & NE.

The club was not aware of this work prior to the fishing season starting and it was only notified in late August. NAA understand the loss of this fishery over much of the winter was a disappointment to some members and will seek a reduction in rent.

NAA Committee (February 2020)

Memberships for the new season are available in all categories, and the club has made the joining process much simpler. The membership form can be downloaded under the membership tab on this website, or go directly to it here. There are 2 ways to get your membership:

  1. Send the completed form with 2 photos and payment cheque to the membership secretary who will post the permit out to you, usually within 7 days.
  2. Take the completed form with 2 photos and payment cheque or cash to Thatcham Angling Centre, 156 Sagecroft Road. Thatcham. RG18 3BQ and get your permit straight away.

With so many fisheries to try out, what are you waiting for?

This is a message to all members who were bailiffs last year, and to anybody who would like to become a bailiff for the NAA. Please would you make contact with the new Head Bailiffs, Ben Freemantle 07530607475 & Chris Fox 07871711036 , so that they can invite you to the bailiffs briefing for the new season.


The club is at last pleased to announce that Bellwood will be re-opened to members on 1st September. This comes after a long and difficult summer with algae and low oxygen levels, but at long last the committee believe it is safe for the fish to allow angling.

To start with, as the fishery is still delicate, fishing is only allowed dawn to dusk, we request that you use a maximum of 1kg of bait per session, and if you can use less please do. Please read the notices on the gate, and most importantly enjoy your fishing.

Do be vigilant for any signs of distress, and let the committee know if you have any concern.

It has been the committee's intention to re-open Bellwood on the first day of the season, June 16th but with regret this is going to have to be postponed for a few weeks. The water has been monitored twice daily for a number of weeks and although the oxygen levels are satisfactory and the fish are comfortable, there is still a daily occurrence of blue-green algae in the mornings.

Although measures have been taken to combat it, the weather conditions and high nutrient levels in the water seem to still produce the algae, which carries a health hazard as it is toxic to humans.

We will continue to monitor, and work with the EA, and will open the lake as soon as it is safe to do so.