Club Championship match 11th October 2015

The club championship match was moved to Enborne canal in the hope of better weights than Alders and it resulted in a runaway win for Brian Cripps on the end peg. Dave smith found some perch on the far bank of his peg for second, and Dave Chandler got third. After that the weights were very close, with ounces making all the dirfference. At the halfway point the top three are very close and beginning to run away with the lead. The result at Enborne was:

Brian Cripps 7-7-0

Dave Smith 4-6-0

Dave Chandler 2-5-0

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Over 60's match 7th October 2015

The over 60's had their last visit to Avington for the series, and with it being a bad day at the office for the series leaders, the points at the top got closer set for a tight finish on the 28th October. Its 3 points between the top three, but the scoring scheme means the most Dave Smith can add is 3 points, Brian Cripps can add 5 and Steve Thame could add 7. The result at Avington was:

Steve Thame 7-13-8

Richard Wiggins 6-4-0

Keith Payne 5-7-0

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Over 70's match 14th October 2015

The final over 70's match was switched from Alders to Willows because Alders had been producing small weights, the old boys thought they would get more sport in Willows. The result was that Stu Dyer won with 2 ounces, and Ken Hunt was second with an ounce. Thats was all that was weighed in and perhaps Alders might have been better. It means That Stu is the series winner and Ken is runner up. The result eliminated Eric Goswell's series lead and demoted him to third. Well done all! I hear there will be an over 80's ranking next year too.

Over 60's match 16th September 2015

The over 60s visited Enborne canal on the 16th September for another round on the new pegs opposite the towpath. There were some good weights to be had, and the result served to make the top of the table even closer. Brian Pallett won it from peg 11, with Mervyn in second sitting beside him. Dave Smith was a close third on peg 3. The weights were:

Brian Pallett 8-2-0 peg 11

Merv Burrows 6-8-8 peg 12

Dave Smith 6-3-0 peg 3

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Over 70's match 23rd September 2015

The over 70's held their September event on Knotts, and it looks asĀ  though the bigger fish proved hard to catch. Stuart Dyer won it clearly with 4lb 4oz, half that weight being a single bonus perch. With one match to go the series is poised for an exciting finish. Eric Goswell leads Stuart by two points, and 3 other anglers with a mathematical chance of the series win. The result was:

S Dyer 4-4-0

G Wootton 1-14-0

A Pearce 1-11-0

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