Knotts & Bellwood


As at 21st June 2022 there is an algae bloom at Bellwood.

This is extremely toxic to dogs and can cause serious issues with the fish. Currently the oxygen levels are looking OK and the fish are doing their normal thing, but things can change quite quickly.

- Please don't allow your dogs near the water... it can be fatal.
- Please only bait in moderation in the next few weeks
-Make sure you wash your hands after coming into contact with the water

***If you see signs of fish gasping for air please make Paul Futcher aware on Facebook, any time day or night***



The Carp at Knotts have started spawning.

Knotts lake will be closed until Friday 24th June.

Bellwood is open again after the carp finished spawning, though fishing is subject to the above considerations

Bailiffs will patrol the lake on a regular basis.

We thank you for your understanding


NAA Fishery Team (June 2022)